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Powder River Taxidermy and Tannery in Broadus, Montana

We at Powder River Taxidermy and Tannery located in Broadus, Montana, strive to produce quality work in a relatively short amount of time.  We work with many species from all over the world and deal with shipping the final product to many destinations at the hunters request.  Not only do we make your hunt last a lifetime, we have the sporting goods to get you started, including archery equiptment, guns and ammunition, to fishing poles and lines, and anything in between.  Please feel free to check out our entire site.  Our site is for both sportsmen and non-sportsmen alike.
Our shop also contains gifts, including Made in Montana items, jewelry, artwork, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and much more.  Located above the shop is a Free Museum with both native American and exotic animals.  Feel free to look at some of the pictures on our site or come in to get up close and personal.  There is a photo gallery that includes, wildlife work done by the staff at Powder River Taxidermy, hunting pictures, and family photos.  We enclosed both a state map and enlargement of the area around Boadus within our locate us page, as well as directions from certain major cities.
We also have VHS and DVD rentals in our business with over 7,000 titles to choose from.
Contact us with questions you may have to any area of our website.  You may complete the "contact us form" for any information.  If you would like to give us feedback about our site, feel free to complete the "Feedback form".  We also allow others to advertise on our site, so check out the advertisers.

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(406) 436-2393
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P.O. Box 693
708 South Park, S. Hwy 212
Broadus, Mt 59317
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